Nick and the Prizefighter

April 22-24, 2022

Selah Thompson is the caregiver for her famous playwright father, Forest Thompson. Nick Beerman, a young writer, and dramaturg is tasked with helping Forest complete his life’s work before the clock runs out. Selah must fight for control of her father’s work, his legacy and find her own rhythm as she prepares to face the world without him. Nick & the Prizefighter is a play that questions who owns the stories we tell and how we share experiences across cultures.


Bennett College Little Theater

910 E Washington St. (Gate 2, back of Chapel)

Greensboro, NC 27401

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Director’s Note

When I started writing Nick & The Prizefighter, I had no idea where it would go. It began as simply a scene between an old Black man writing a play, and the young White dude who adored his work. Then, as with most of my work, a Black woman showed up and suddenly the center shifted. My whole world has been centered around Black women. I came from one. I am one. I have loved and been loved by many. So it was only right that Selah Thompson completely changed what I knew this play to be.

Like Selah, I am a Black woman from the South and like her, I have spent a lifetime fighting for the voices of those around me to not only be heard, but honored. There is something particularly special about being a Black woman from North Carolina and having spent almost a decade of my life in Greensboro, living and learning in that vibrant artist community, I know that my voice and perspective have been shaped by the piedmont region. In my role as playwright – I see myself as a witness, echoing the experiences of my People to all that will listen. In my role as dramaturg – I see myself as a conduit, connecting the red threads which run through all of us, bridging art and community. In my role as educator – I see myself as a host, inviting students of all ages to show up as their deepest, truest, and most whole selves. All of those roles were molded by Greensboro and I carry all that I learned and experienced there with me, wherever I am.

Nick & The Prizefighter, I hope, is the beginning of an important conversation about who owns the stories we tell each other in the theater. Can there be – must there be – boundaries in sharing culture and identity with each other? How do we navigate history, context, and the contemporary in ways that allow for us to share our universal humanity and hold our own cultures sacred? Simply – A older Black man, a young White man, and a young Black woman with vastly different experiences come together to share space and time with one another and simply from where they are standing, see and experience the world differently. This play is a conversation about the power of perspective and how listening can truly change us

Kamilah Bush

Playwright of Nick & the Prizefighter


Forest ThompsonJames Shields
Selah ThompsonJakiya Barnes (A&T)
Nick BeermanChris Gilly-Forrer (UNCG)

Creative Team

PlaywrightKamilah Bush
DirectorNatalie Sowell (UNCG)
Scenic DesignerEnsemble
Costume DesignerJaleah Bailey (UNCG)
Makeup DesignerEmma Beneck
Lighting DesignerHaylee Griss
Stage ManagerKai Price (UNCG)
Assistant Stage ManagerMatthew Griffin (UNCG)

A&T: North Carolina A&T

UNCG: UNC Greensboro